Paisano's Restaurant - NJ

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Take Out - Pasta

ADD House Salad $1.99 - ADD Chicken $4.95 - ADD Shrimp $6.95

Rigatoni Zingara

Sweet and hot peppers, black olives, and fresh tomatoes with a touch of cream. $16.95

Spring Butterflies
Bow-tie pasta sautéed with onions, carrots and asparagus $16.95

Penne In Pink Vodka Sauce 
Vodka sauce with very fine chopped prosciutto and shitake mushrooms  $16.95

Calabria Ravioli
Stuffed with Portobella mushrooms, ricotta and sausage in a marinara sauce $16.95

Pappardelle Bolognese (Rustica)

Handmade broad fettucine pasta with an old style bologense sauce with shavings of parmesiano reggiano cheese. $18.95

Homemade potato dumpling in a Bolognese sauce $16.95

Cannelloni Nostro
Homemade crepes stuffed with spinach, ground beef and prosciutto served with a tomato and bechamel sauce $17.95

Linguini White Clam Sauce
Little neck clams and chopped sea clams in a white wine sauce $20.95

Pear Ravioli
Enjoy the sweet flavor of Bosc Pears pureed with danish bleu cheese, walnuts and ricotta. Served in a brown butter balsamic reducition. $18.95

Fettuccine Mountain and Sea
Wild and porcini mushrooms sautéed with jumbo shrimp in a light cream sauce with spinach $19.95

Spinach Gnocchi
In a pink vodka sauce with baby shrimp $19.95

Fettuccine with Shrimp and Broccoli
Sautéed jumbo shrimp and broccoli in a white wine and garlic sauce $21.95

Homemade Lasagna 

Stuffed with meat and cheese, topped with our tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese 15.95

Angel Hair Michael Angelo
Baby shrimp, red peppers, zucchini and broccoli in a white wine sauce $19.95 

Lobster Ravioli 
Homemade Lobster ravioli in a Sambuca cream sauce with baby shrimp. $21.95

Cheese Ravioli $16.95

Oxtail Ragu 

Pulled oxtail braised in red wine with fresh tomatoes, herbs and topped with sheared ricotta salata cheese. Served over our homemade pasa 18.95

Braised Beef Ravioli Stuffed with braised short ribs and asiago cheese, roasted garlic and san marzano tomato sauce topped with diced fresh mozzarella $18.95

Chicken & Spinach Ravioli
With ricotta in pink marinara sauce $16.95

Crabmeat Ravioli
Once you try it you cant live without it. Our Homemade Crabmeat Ravioli is served in a pink vodka sauce with baby shrimps and spinach $18.95

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