Tina Konkin’s Four-Day Coaching System Shows Couples Ideas On How To Lead Healthier Life by Correcting Their Unique Interactions

July 14


The Short Version: commitment expert Tina Konkin began the woman goal to recover busted minds by getting an easy way to cure by herself and her relationship. Over 3 decades ago, Tina and her husband Ron were considering divorce once they went to a five-day couples counseling working area. The ability changed all of them on a fundamental degree by bringing to light just how their own past discomforts were birthing new heartaches. Following working area, Tina felt motivated to restore her union and turn an improved spouse and mommy — but she don’t hold on there. She and her partner took training courses and became pro commitment professionals effective at working lovers classes of their own. These days, the partnership Lifeline system has stirred many lovers in California to appear inside on their own and recognize what’s happening in their own hearts for them to find a healthier method ahead.

Tina Konkin ended up being associated with lots of thoughtful youth act as a lady, however, once she got hitched, she found her compassion came in brief supply. Home, Tina ended up being a screamer. She shouted at the woman spouse and kids, raising frustrated and resentful once they withdrew from the lady.

For years, Tina’s household struggled to communicate their particular hurt with one another. Their particular commitment grew increasingly more distant as Tina’s psychologically abusive remedy for the woman girl then years outdated affected Ron.

Tina’s treatment of their particular daughter ended up being just what led them to a therapeutic experiential program operated by Dr. Phillip McGraw’s companion before the guy turned into Dr. Phil, the TV personality. Years of resentment and ill-treatment led to an affair that threatened to finish the marriage.

Throughout the system, Tina along with her husband researched the causes behind their own measures and became to appreciate what youth experiences inspired their unique opinions and behaviors. Tina realized that she was actually mimicking her dad, who does yell and chase the girl with a belt but never ever injured any one of his young ones. Within her mind, yelling was secure, plus it had been the woman mother’s quiet self-discipline which was harmful.

The couple then discovered how-to function with their unique disagreements in more constructive and healthy ways. The five-day program unsealed their unique eyes and inspired them to change. “It completely changed our lives,” Tina mentioned. “this system actually conserved living, conserved my personal children, and stored my personal relationship.”

Stirred by transformation they noticed inside their personal life, the happy couple chose to devote their professional careers to assisting other individuals have actually an equivalent experience and save their own relationships.

These days Tina will be the creator and Director of union Lifeline in Orange County, California. She’s got invested the last 30 years working seminars, offering speeches, and reassuring the brokenhearted. Her Couples Retreat is very winning at helping lovers recognize their causes and misconceptions in a nonthreatening and healing planet.

“We’re not therapy or guidance, but we are a very experiential system,” Tina stated. “We help individuals evaluate what exactly is no longer working within their relationships through workouts and video games in small teams.”

A rigorous Retreat offers Couples the Space to Talk & Heal

When Tina started the woman relationship program, she desired to stake on a center surface between pre-marital counseling (whenever partners are blissfully happy) and situation lovers counseling (which going is simply too belated to correct the hurt and rebuild confidence). Tina designed the Relationship Lifeline system to get an extensive detoxification for lovers on the way to recovery.

“My function has long been to treat connections one damaged center at the same time,” she stated. “It’s my opinion the in-patient cardiovascular system needs to get healthy before two hearts produced together is healthy.”

The partnership Lifeline and Lifeline for your needs products final four days and gives mental revelations which can be life-changing for couples and individuals. Tina stated she typically views anywhere from 16 to 20 partners at the standard plan, but she even offers a very exclusive and exclusive partners escape for Orange County residents exactly who treasure their own confidentiality.

The couples refuge comes after the exact same plan as the various other workshops — it takes place in an all-inclusive five-star lodge and offers your own union coach for every single few participating.

In Tina’s view, speaking for an hour or so weekly actually adequate to genuinely assist partners reset their objectives and deal with their particular conflicts. For this reason she offers an in-depth plan where couples spend a lengthy week-end reading, growing, and recovery. Whether you’re really internet dating or perhaps in a committed matrimony, it is possible to go to the partnership Lifeline to give your self the partnership information and self-awareness necessary to move forward and get away from common errors in building interaction and confidence.

“There is put-up wall space made from one rock at any given time,” Tina mentioned. “We harden our very own hearts never to think exact same pain once again. Our plan is about ripping that straight down so we may have healthy relationships.”

Follow-Up “Renew You” training holds Participants on Track

Tina knows that the work actually over as soon as the four-day refuge concludes, so she supplies follow-up coaching sessions also crucial self-help products provide couples the tools to stay invested in the other person. The Renew YOU training program was designed to encourage seminar players keeping dancing employing newfound knowledge and susceptibility.

By functioning separately with partners, Tina may have a long-lasting influence on their unique outlook and choices. She teaches lovers to simply take a compassionate and joy-filled mindset in every thing they actually do.

“the life is certainly switching because of the possible opportunity to develop and learn more about both and our selves.” — David and Cindy Meek, players for the commitment Lifeline system

Her procedure is special, simple, and efficient. Tina phone calls it the R3 method — reveal, rewrite, and restore. The first step is actually exposing what toxic feelings, viewpoints, or emotions tend to be holding partners straight back from correct intimacy. This can be the most challenging since it entails getting to the main of problems and exploring the pain underneath the conflict.

“we-all carry out acts to escape pain, so it’s about disclosing what we’re doing to leave discomfort,” Tina mentioned. “everything we do is go underneath the signs to see precisely what the underlying is — whether it’s getting rejected, embarrassment, guilt, or punishment.”

The next thing is spinning the story and reframing experiences when it comes down to better. Every individual in union needs to rewrite their own individual tales so that they can progress collectively.

The final step is actually revival. As soon as a couple has evolved their unique designs of behavior, they are able to renew their particular commitment and commence fresh. They’re able to use the lessons they discovered from the commitment Lifeline or Renew You Coaching to transform their relationships, their loved ones, and their life. It is important because healthier partners can enhance healthy children.

Boasting a 90percent Success Rate & Decades of Experience

These hands-on commitment programs made a significant difference from inside the resides of countless lovers and families in america and Canada. Some couples sign-up searching for closing since their relationship comes to an end, as well as finish discovering such about on their own and every some other they need allow the union another try. Tina mentioned a lot of marriages have now been conserved further than asianks to the four-day system, and is a lot more approachable and interesting than a regular treatment treatment.

“We don’t lecture,” Tina mentioned. “do not glance at the connection or marriage. We check what you’ve produced into it. Put simply, its the opinion systems, various means you think and believe. We have been the culmination of whatever you saw, heard, and practiced as young ones and teenagers.”

“from inside the working area, i ran across my strength plus the power that comes from sharing and maybe assisting other individuals using my story.” — Mercedes Seraphim, a participant of Lifeline for your family

Spending a couple of days at a rejuvenating retreat are advantageous to partners in an union, but it will help individuals much better on their own various other techniques besides. Tina said she’s got observed a lot of people master their own tasks for the months adopting the seminar simply because they’ve mastered successful interaction abilities. Participants often believe empowered to go after the life they want and free by themselves from the hang ups that held all of them back days gone by.

“It reframed the viewpoint such that guidance never ever might have carried out in the tiny time that people invested during the weekend,” said Jason S. concerning the union Lifeline plan. “You must do this. It really is an investment yourself, you wife/husband, your kids, and your future.”

“this is exactly why offering a more than 90percent success rate,” Tina mentioned, “maybe not because we instruct lovers how-to speak, but because we teach them the reason why they stopped interacting, often it is because we aren’t secure, because individuals tend to be crossing our boundaries.”

Tina’s Relationship Lifeline Inspires Lasting Change

Because Tina along with her partner had various encounters with yelling once they happened to be raising upwards, their unique communication types as lovers and parents didn’t mesh in the beginning. That they had to distinguish the incorrect thinking behind their unique activities — in Tina’s situation, that yelling had been safe — and correct the unhealthy routines instilled included since childhood.

After three decades of soul searching, Tina has produced an in-depth connection program to come to the help of couples from coast to coast. “We allow you to identify the causes through appearing straight back,” she stated. “We enter into development function. We assist you in that development process while you check what isn’t operating and just why it isn’t really functioning.”

Tina thinks that both individuals in an union must certanly be healthier and mentally safe before they’re able to boost healthier children. The woman objective is to find adults to this point to maintain positivity role versions because of their kids.

“Any conditions that tend to be unresolved from your last, we carry around into our very own future,” Tina said. “our very own purpose should fix yesteryear therefore it is not impacting healthy choices later on.”


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