JK Rowling is actually completely wrong on unmarried moms and dads | Janice Modest |

September 5


I will be so pleased, JK Rowling, which you have
managed to make it as just one mother
. Well, there are a great deal of other individuals as if you, too, although maybe not as winning or wealthy.

Gordon Brown hasn’t been a Hogwart’s wizard for car donations for single motherss who wish to go into the job market. However, he has got waved a secret rod to ensure that solitary parents stay on advantages while he has created an atmosphere where it really doesn’t shell out to go to work.

JKR, you happen to be great at quoting research but the basic figure you have chosen to ignore would be that we do have the highest rate of teenager pregnancies in western European countries. You do not explain this particular features occurred under Brown’s federal government, in which we kids having kiddies. I visit a lot of schools and
Certain Start centers
. We meet women of my personal age (47) that happen to be now great-grandmothers. These ladies haven’t ever got jobs; have multiple young ones by numerous males – nothing of whom have actually actually contributed their youngsters’ upkeep, welfare or moral direction. They’ve stayed on benefits because granny performed and mother did. These young girls see no problem within this way of living and this is their to stay like this. Nobody more is informing all of them that they shouldn’t.

I went to a certain Start hub fourteen days ago where there were six 16-year-old women with one-year-old infants. Three were pregnant once again, nothing from the same boy, and they saw no problem contained in this “lifestyle option”. They decided not to see such a thing completely wrong in declaring benefits and happened to be insistent that they would not wish the boys whom impregnated them having anything to carry out with the first-born because they happened to be now making use of the most recent partner. It is so unfortunate observe this in addition to their perceptions are impressive.

Then I went along to a Catholic main class that, five years back, stated around 90percent of their children had been managing two moms and dads; which had now altered to 60% who were managing solitary parents. This will be Brown’s reality-check Britain.

We must inform these women that it is unacceptable for pregnant outside a stable connection unless they can support by themselves, that the taxpayer cannot afford to ensure that they’re and that they have to teach to the office whenever they leave college. They must be given more sex knowledge (it’s not mandatory, in spite of the myth, which should start at the age of puberty, maybe not five years old) and supplied more contraception. It is only by talking freely about wedding, sex, connections and duty that individuals can change this. It will take a generation, but we now have no choice.

I’m divorced and an individual mother or father, and nothing would have caused me to stick to my husband, but again We operate a fruitful company and will support me. I did not splitting up lightly, but what we’re stating usually kids fare better in two-parent individuals academically and socially, and dedicate decreased crime. Something completely wrong in recognising that in income tax system? Spread more fairy dust JKR, although voters don’t believe you.


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